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Terms of Service & Payment

 One. Pay: Express made money when the two-ching.

 II. Monthly statements:

 (1) on shipping in volume of more than 1000 yuan to the company to apply for monthly statements.

 (2) Shipping Company received a month on the 10th of this month before the company issued a list of express mail charges, the company checked in the incident on the 15th of the month to pay express charges. Barring exceptional circumstances can not express in arrears payments.

 III. Provisions of the settlement of claims:

 1. Shipping companies are required to declare a factual declaration and the amount of goods transported by the content of the (express mail must be guaranteed not to contain flammable, explosive, corrosive, powder, food, liquid and toxic substances). Fill in the contents of the consignment note must be accurate, clear and detailed, otherwise the problems arising from the shipping company and assume full responsibility for bearing the cost.

 2. Recipient to pay for express mail, the recipient on the spot if they can not pay the freight, the company achieved in the absence of an effective security order to cheer myself up, the right to express detained by the carrier, resulting in any loss, the company does not Liable. By the freight shipping company.

 3. As a result of irresistible natural disasters occur and express loss, damage, the Company does not assume liability. The Company as a result of man-made express loss, damage, the company the highest compensation in the amount of 50 dollars.

 4. Customs in different countries have different tax policies, such as express mail in the office of destination have a tariff by the shipping companies and companies in order to reach recipient to pay tariffs, the Company is not responsible for any cost

 5. Shipping companies Jiaoji express within 15 days after their client companies linked to the inquiry, no longer accept overdue.

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